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Integrity Stone Restoration in Kansas City, MO, We Are Your Resurfacing Experts

Floor renovation—Flooring Restoration & Repair in Kansas, MO
Keep even the oldest floors & countertops looking shiny and new with stone and tile flooring restoration and repair from Integrity Stone Restoration in Kansas City, MO. We restore a professional-quality, polished look for your home or business. Call us at (816) 918-0135 to keep your natural stone, granite, tile, marble or concrete floors and countertops properly maintained. Proper preservation extends the life and enhances the look of your stone surfaces, protecting your investment and giving you a sleek, solid surface to stand on for years to come.

Restoring Your Flooring & Countertops

Time and use can take a toll on your flooring & counters. Over the years, your stone and tile may get chips, etching, scratches, scuffs and other damage. You don't need a new floor or counter to get a new look. No damage is too great for the professional experts at Integrity Stone Restoration. We specialize in terrazzo and marble restoration and repair. Give us a call at (816) 918-0135 to fill in cracks in your concrete. We also stain, seal and polish your concrete to give your flooring & countertops a chic, modern edge.

Countertop & Shower Repair

Integrity Stone Restoration offers restoration and repairs for countertops and showers. We deep clean, repair and restore all your natural stone, granite, marble or concrete countertops to keep your kitchen & bathrooms clean and shiny. Don't replace your shower when it gets damaged. Our repair technicians can have it looking just like new in no time at only a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Interior of bathroom—Flooring Restoration & Repair in Kansas, MO
Two tilers at industrial floor tiling renovation—Flooring Restoration & Repair in Kansas, MO
Kitchen Interior—Flooring Restoration & Repair in Kansas, MO

Who We Are

Integrity Stone Restoration has served the greater Kansas City, Missouri metro area since 2001. We are locally owned and operated, providing high-quality service with a personal approach. We rely on our stellar reputation among your neighbors to guide our service and expand our clientele. Call (816) 918-0135 today for a free estimate on our professional-quality surface repair.