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Top view of blue and orange terrazzo floor—Floor Resurfacing in Kansas, MO
Terrazzo is a mixture of cement, resin or epoxy and chips of marble. This is a popular stone option for flooring and countertops. Normal wear of terrazzo leaves it looking aged and dingy. Because of its construction, the same cleaning and restoration process can be applied to terrazzo as marble and granite to leave it looking like new. Our expert technicians specialize in the restoration and cleaning of terrazzo surfaces.

Terrazzo is our biggest work order and we have spent almost 20 years perfecting terrazzo restoration Integrity Stone has restored many historic terrazzo hotels in Kansas City as well as residential projects
Terrazzo historically was a mixture of cement and marble chip Today the new installs use epoxy instead of cement Our focus is one the older cement terrazzo

Our approach is to grind past the older glue wax and stained areas to reveal fresh new looking floors We special order color matched epoxy and stone to match as close as possible to your existing floors

Our equipment is specially designed floor grinders imported from Italy the country that invented terrazzo back on the Roman Empire times

The traditional terrazzo was to grind and seal the floors with a heavy sealer then wax the floor New technology allows us to polish the floors like marble and eliminate the strip and wax headache